Just how far the humanoid robot has come

Friday 11 Oct 2019

Last week we covered the release by Boston Dynamics, of their first commercial robot. This week we’re offered yet another spectacular look at the humanoid Atlas’ growing arsenal of skills, this time demonstrating its incredible gymnastic capabilities.

Accompanying the Spot sales announcement, Boston Dynamics also revealed another in its long line of impressive Atlas robot videos. Atlas is the company’s humanoid robot, and in the past we have seen it rapidly evolve from being first allowed to roam tetherless in 2015, to completing a spectacular parkour routine just three years later.

Now, in what is arguably the robot’s most spectacular video to date, we see Atlas perform a complex gymnastic routine demonstrating amazing balance. The dynamically swift flexibility of Atlas in this new video is simply spectacular with flawlessly smooth motions.

Atlas is still essentially a research robot with no suggestion it will be available commercially in the near future. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering how far Boston Dynamics has come in such a short time, with its robots precariously trying to just walk only a few years ago.

Source: Boston Dynamics

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