Forestry training package launched for students

Friday 18 Oct 2019

OneFortyOne, in partnership with The Department of Education and Child Development this week has launched a pathway program at Mount Gambier High School which will provide students from Year 8 to Year 12 from Limestone Coast Secondary schools with an articulated pathway in the Forest and Timber Industry.

The Ultimate Renewable Forest Learning Pathway Program provides the education and skills necessary for students to join the forest and timber industry with a Certificate III and SACE credit points. Linda Cotterill from OneFortyOne said “the forest and timber industry in the Green Triangle is a world class, sustainable industry that underpins thousands of jobs and environmental outcomes, it is something we are incredibly proud off.”

“Workforce planning is a priority for OneFortyOne. There are times when we do have to search outside of the region, even the country to find the level of expertise we need within the business” said Linda, “but our preference is always to find local people for local jobs. We are invested in this Forest Industry Training package because it will help familiarize our youth with our great industry and develop the skills we need locally, as we plan for our future workforce. We’re in this long-term.”

The pathway program incorporates a range of classroom and field-based experiences. Students will also undertake several competencies from the Forest Growing and Management, Harvesting and Haulage and Sawmilling and Processing training packages which have been nominated by industry to support relevancy and access to future pathways.

Emma Handford, Department for Education said “this is a true example of a Government and industry partnership. What we have launched today is an education program that provides a pathway direct to industry jobs by facilitating classroom learning and industry hosted field experiences, such as time in the forest and access to state-of-the-art timber processing technology.” “Students who complete all units within a module will graduate with a Certificate III and SACE credit points.”

Linda said “I have children at local schools and so what I find personally exciting about the Forest Learning Pathway Program is that it provides an opportunity for students to stay in the region and have fulfilling careers and a secure future for their families.”

The Forest Learning Pathway Program will be available in Limestone Coast Secondary Schools in 2020. There are 15 student’s spaces available in the 2020 program and students can register their interest via the LimestoneCoastPathways Facebook Page. School career advisor’s or VET Co-ordinator’s can email

Photo, from left to right - Emma Handford, Department for Education; Chris Edmonds, Principal Mount Gambier High School; Lynette Martin OAM, Mayor of Mount Gambier; Richard Sage, Mayor of DC Grant; Linda Cotterill, OneFortyOne; Beth Welden, Forest Learning; Tom Linnell, Tenison Woods College

Source: OneFortyOne

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