C3 to leave Gisborne

Friday 18 Oct 2019

The log marshalling and stevedoring company C3 will shut down its Gisborne operations in just over two weeks, affecting the jobs of their 105 staff at Eastland Port and at the Optilog site at Matawhero. The company’s general manager forestry services Steve Harris said that they met with the staff on Tuesday to outline the final situation. “Sadly, we will cease operations in Gisborne on October 25.

“We are working closely with our customers and the port logistics company who will take over both our log marshalling operations at the port and the Optilog plant at Matawhero. Our main concern is for the wellbeing and redeployment of our employees, which we are currently working through,” Mr Harris said.

C3 provides log marshalling and stevedoring services at the Eastland Port and at the Optilog plant where it marshalls logs to and from the Aratu Forest-run Optimiser plant. Mr Harris said C3 made the decision to withdraw the provision of port services in the region for a number of reasons, with the final impact being the loss of a major customer contract.

“The forestry volume that remained meant the ongoing viability of the Gisborne operations was extremely challenged, which ultimately led to our decision to exit. We want the most efficient and sustainable supply chain for customers and the forestry industry, and believe that a single provider of port services at Gisborne is better placed to improve that solution”.

“We remain committed to the forestry industry, which C3 is extremely proud to be associated with.”

Source: gisborneherald

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