Spot robot is finally on sale … technically

Friday 4 Oct 2019

To formally reveal the commercial launch of Spot, Boston Dynamics (who spoke recently at an FIEA tech series) has produced an impressive ad highlighting all the robot’s technical specifications. The current commercial iteration of Spot can run for 90 minutes off a single (swappable) battery charge, can carry up to 14 kg, operate in temperatures spanning -20° C to 45° C, and is built to withstand dusty and wet environments.

All these relatively decent specs quite reasonably lead to the question of what commercial applications Spot could be actually used for. Boston Dynamics has been working for some time with early-adopting companies to explore possible industrial applications but practical uses do still seem relatively vague.

“Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety,” Boston Dynamics says.

The Verge also reports Spot is being investigated by Cirque du Soleil for possible entertainment outcomes, and some police departments are exploring whether the robot could be adapted for bomb disposal purposes. It is all very experimental at this point, however, those interested in buying a Spot can now contact a dedicated sales department to explore the possibility. Of course, no price tag has been publicly attached, so it certainly feels like a case of, if you need to ask how much it is then you can’t afford it.

Source: Boston Dynamics

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