New forestry promotional videos launched

Friday 27 Sep 2019

Australia’s Department of Agriculture has just developed a suite of communication products to promote the role of forestry and to raise awareness of the Australian forestry industry and forests as a sustainably managed resource. These products are freely available for use by others in the industry and government.

The videos aim to engage our audiences and to provide information about the forestry industry that reflects the breadth and value of the industry and the true story of forestry in Australia. The links to the short videos are;

Flagship video, showcasing Australia’s forestry industry:

Australian Forestry – planning for tomorrow, today

Four mini-videos that give a short but focused look at four themes:

Australian forestry: benefitting our communities

Technology and innovation lead the way in forestry

Replanting and regrowing for the future

Wood – the ultimate renewable

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Source: Department of Agriculture

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