Global sawmilling experts bought in for September

Friday 12 Jul 2019

Following on from the success of the 2017 sawmilling event, a series of practical troubleshooting workshops have been designed as part of the WoodTECH 2019 series that runs in September for a much wider cross section of sawmill production and operational staff. They’re going to provide a unique insight into how sawmills can extract the best performance out of their saws, machine centres and sawing operations”.

Workshops of between 60-90 minutes are being given on; primary breakdown and machine alignment and maintenance techniques to improve machine reliability, real-time quality control, condition monitoring, saw and guide alignment and trouble-shooting saw guides. In addition to the workshops, presentations throughout the two days in each country have also been geared towards both mill management and sawmill production staff.

The three workshop presenters are already well known by local companies and are regular visitors to this part of the world working alongside many mills across the region – in installation, commissioning and in troubleshooting.

Joe Shields, now a mechanical trainer with USNR has over 40 years’ experience in the troubleshooting of electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. Alignments and system diagnostics have become Joe’s main focus for service trips around the world working with sawmill service and engineering teams developing product improvements to reduce maintenance and downtime. Further details on the Machine Alignment and Maintenance workshop can be viewed here.

Josh Bergen will be taking the workshop on Troubleshooting Saw Guides, demonstrating to local mills how they can get the most out of their saw guides through careful selection, installation, operation and maintenance. Contained in the workshop will be a number of in-mill case studies. Josh is the founding partner of Precision Machinery, a CNC machine shop, R&D facility and industrial manufacturer based out of B.C. With customers all over the world, Josh’s company has specialized and is recognised internationally for their work in manufacturing and maintaining saw guides and guide dressers.

Nick Barrett, President of the Canadian company, SiCam Systems who got outstanding feedback from delegates at the 2017 event, will also be back for the 2019 series. Nick is a visionary in the field of emerging technologies to support lumber size control and predictive maintenance in the mill. He has worked in both Aviation Systems and Robotics but has focused the last 17 years on the wood products industry. Nick is the original designer of the SiCam products and currently the driving force behind the company’s vision. As part of the workshop this year Nick will be outlining through a series of mill case studies, the application of both manual and automated methods for testing specific machinery in the sawmill and systems that have successfully been implemented by leading mills to audit equipment, scanning systems, people and overall mill performance.

Registrations to both events in the series are now flowing in with most mills taking full advantage of the significant discounts on offer for group bookings to attend this year’s programme.

Information and registrations can be accessed from the event website, The two-yearly sawmilling series runs in Rotorua, New Zealand on 11-12 September and then again in Melbourne, Australia on 17-18 September 2019.

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