WoodSolutions assists with 8 storey timber building

Friday 7 Jun 2019

FWPA’s WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program helps GPT to raise timber to new heights in Melbourne’s CBD.

The announcement of a new 8-storey timber office tower vertical extension by developers GPT Group and ARM Architecture is the culmination of more than 12 months advisory work by the FWPA advisers who worked with the GPT project team, providing solutions to a wide range of issues relating to building with timber.

“Over the course of many meetings we have assisted in the selection of an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) to progress design and pricing,” said Gerry Neylan, WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Lead Program Manager, “we also provided advice on timber products and suppliers, general advice on structural, acoustic and fire engineering and responded to questions from the GPT senior management through the project team.”

Information provided by the team also included assessment of overseas projects and the applications and availability of engineered timber products including cross laminated timber (CLT), laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and Glulam.

“A project such as this demonstrates the value of the WoodSolutions Mid-rise Advisory Program, not only to the program partners who I would like to thank for their support, but to the industry as a whole,” said Ric Sinclair, FWPA’s Managing Director.

“We expect a significant growth in opportunities to drive new demand for timber building systems as companies involved in development, design and construction become more familiar and confident with using timber.”

Source: FWPA

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