NZ$13.5 million CNI debarking operation opened

Friday 24 May 2019

Timberlands Limited (TL) and Kaingaroa Timberlands (KT) are proud to announce the opening of our new Murupara based log de-barker on Wednesday 22 May. Commissioned as an alternative to Methyl Bromide treatment for log exports (to China) the plant is expected to debark 660,000 tonnes in the first year of operation, rising to 1 million tonnes in the second year.

The ultimate design capacity is 1.8 million tonnes per annum. Construction commenced in September 2018. However, the project took eighteen months from feasibility to opening with a speedy decision required to secure their place in the debarker factory order file. The construction project represents a significant investment of over NZ$13.5 million, where over 30,000 trade hours were worked with 200 people inducted to the site, and inputs of 1,760m3 of concrete and 620 tonnes of steel. This included one single concrete pour of 367m3.

The Murupara debarker will be able to run twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week with a throughput of fifteen logs per minute. Capacity is for logs between 20 and 75 centimetre diameter and 3.7 and 12.1 metres in length. While the plant will only employ an additional four people it will help protect many other roles by helping to preserve New Zealand’s China log exports and retaining crucial rail cartage from Kaingaroa to the Port of Tauranga.

Debarking is also expected to assist the industry in other ways, for example reducing pressure on Port operations hindered by the recapture process and significantly improving KTs environmental footprint at the wharf by introducing less bark and dust to the Port. TL’s CEO, Robert Green, says he is “proud to see the project come to life. This debarker will play a significant role in in reducing New Zealand’s Methyl Bromide emissions, whilst complimenting other industry initiatives and meeting our FSC driven pesticide reduction commitments”.

Source: Timberlands Ltd

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