Safety Culture initiative up for H&S award

Friday 17 May 2019

Safetree’s Growing our Safety Culture programme has been named as a finalist in the NZ Workplace H&S Awards. This nomination is a well-deserved recognition of the work done by everyone who helped get this excellent programme off the ground, as well as all the companies and crews who have used and supported it. Well done to all of you!

The aim of the Growing our Safety Culture programme is to improve worker involvement in health and safety decision-making. Better worker engagement, by default, leads to better risk management. The programme also helps develop the leadership skills of foremen and managers - which also improves risk management.

At the end of March, 786 people had been through the programme - including 73 crews, 37 forest-owner staff groups, and 41 contractors or crew bosses. Eleven forest owners or contractors had run the programme with their crews, contractors, foremen or their own staff. These companies were: Timberlands, NZFM, Port Blakely, Ernslaw One, JNL, Rayonier Matariki, City Forests, Hancock Forest Management, Nelson Forests, Summit Forests and Kohurau Contracting.

Timberlands has decided to put everyone through the programme, including its board. And Port Blakely’s North American shareholders were so impressed with it, that they have run it with some of their crews in the US.

Growing our Safety Culture is a finalist in the category for best leadership of an industry or sector. Another forestry company made the finalists list - Hancock Forest Management NZ in the worker engagement category. Congratulations to everyone at HFMNZ involved in that work.

The winners of the awards will be announced on 28 May.

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Source: Fiona Ewing, National Safety Director, FISC

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