Tasmanian Timber campaign takes shape

Friday 10 May 2019

Tasmanian Timbers are set to feature on the national stage following the launch of a new campaign focusing on forest certification and the sustainability of Tasmanian timber products. And according to Shawn Britton, Chairman of Tasmanian Timber, the Responsible Wood certification scheme is an all important step in demonstrating the sustainable origins of Tasmanian timber.

“The Tasmanian Timber campaign foundation research and the enquires through the Tasmanian timber helpline have shown a strong need within the marketplace for education around certification in Australia and the sustainability of our timber products. There is also an ongoing need to communicate around forest management, value adding and innovation with the communities making long term decisions about log supply,” Mr Britton said.

On hand to discuss Responsible Wood’s involvement in the campaign, Jason Ross was thrilled with the campaign focus on the all-important forest certification message.

“Awareness of forest certification specifically amongst architects, engineers and end-users of timber-based products remains low. What this campaign strives to do is to improve the visibility and educate consumers about forest certification, to take Responsible Wood to a national audience,” Mr Ross said.

Many of these businesses are Tasmanian, uniquely and proudly so. “As such the Tasmanian Timber campaign saw a need to communicate locally and nationally on these topics. The series of ads produced shed light on the industry behind Tasmanian timber. An industry of auditors, value adders, researchers and innovators,” Mr Britton said.

As to the particulars, the campaign will combine print, digital and social media advertising. “The ads have been placed in Green Magazine print and digital publications nationally, Tasmanian major and regional papers, Hobart airport digital screens, at the AGFEST trade event, and sponsored posts through Instagram,” Mr Britton said.

For more information about the campaign please visit the Tasmanian Timber Campaign website.

Source: www.responsiblewood.org.au.
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