Forest Owners Levy Vote supported

Friday 10 May 2019

New Zealand forest owners have overwhelmingly voted to continue the Commodity Levies Act Levy Order for Harvested Wood Materials for another six years. The audited voting results just received from the independent agency who conducted the referendum, Research New Zealand, are:

Both of the voting majorities were higher this time than in the inaugural levy vote in 2013. In 2013, the Owner Vote majority was 86.3 percent and there was a Hectare Vote majority of 86.3 percent. This year’s total vote cast is slightly fewer than the 588 who voted in 2013. The largest area represented by a ‘no’ vote in 2019 was 620 hectares.

This means that funding for the Forest Growers Levy Trust Work Programme has been secured for the next six years. “It means that we can plan with confidence in our work in forest mechanisation, tree breeding, health and safety, biosecurity and all of the other work which enhances our forest profitability. It also means that we can continue to attract other sources of money, particularly government, to assist our work” says Neil Cullen, President, Farm Forestry Association.

Source: Farm Forestry Association, Forest Owners Association

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