VicForests releases Timber Release Plan

Friday 26 Apr 2019

VicForests has released the Timber Release Plan (TRP) amendment following the Victorian Government’s release of the Allocation Order. VicForests Chief Executive Officer Nathan Trushell said the TRP provides detail on which coupes will potentially be harvested - subject to forest protection surveys, operational assessment and stakeholder consultation.

“The release of the AO and TRP amendments are vital components to VicForests’ planning and operations processes,” Mr Trushell said. Mr Trushell said the release of the TRP and the AO would give more certainty to the forestry industry and communities throughout Victoria.

The Victorian Government also announced a new plantation program across Gippsland from this winter, including hundreds of hectares of crown land in the Latrobe Valley. VicForests looks forward to having a key role in working with the Victorian Government on the program.

VicForests appreciates the important role it plays in protecting and conserving Victoria’s state forests and timber reserves, and commitment to work towards a long-term goal of sustainable harvesting and regeneration practices, which will deliver for both the needs of the timber industry and the requirements of the environment.

VicForests is continuing its work towards achieving the Forest Stewardship Council Controlled Wood Standard by 2020, which promotes sustainable forest management, to complement VicForests’ Responsible Wood certification already in place.

Further details can be viewed at Victorian Government and VicForests.


- There is 7.1 million hectares of public forests across Victoria, about 94 per cent of which is protected in parks, reserves or is unsuitable for native timber harvesting.

- VicForests harvests around 3000 hectares per year, or 0.04 per cent of that area – nominally equivalent to 4 trees in 10,000.

- High Conservation Values (HCVs) are protected through rigorous conservation practices including exclusion zones for threatened species and buffer zones to prevent encroachment on rainforest areas.

- VicForests protects any Leadbeater Possum or colonies through a 12.6-hectare Timber Harvest Exclusion Zone, equivalent to about 6 MCG fields. This protection has been consulted and agreed upon with a wide range of independent scientists, regulators and environment groups.

- VicForests also applies Greater Gliders protection zones, throughout East Gippsland, of 100 hectares in areas where more than 10 Gliders are found in a one-kilometre line.

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