Adam Jones, Future Green Leader of the year

Friday 5 Apr 2019

Passionate about lowering the environmental impact of the construction sector, structural engineer Adam Jones has been involved in a range of environmentally positive activities, including WoodSolutions. His work was recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) who named him Future Green Leader of the year at their recent TRANSFORM 2019 event.

Recognising the effect that young professionals will have on developing a sustainable future, the GBCA created the Future Green Leaders program, which is available to all industry professionals under 32. As the Future Green Leader of the year, Adam will gain entry and access to a wide range of GBCA events, a speaking opportunity at Green Building Day and a mentor for the year.

Adam explained what winning the title means to him.

“Being Future Green Leader of the year reinforces the value of a lot of the side projects and volunteering I've done and it also gives me an opportunity to shine a light on the things I'm most passionate about and to use this platform to really further the sustainability goals of Australia.”

“Structural engineers have a real opportunity to make a big change in regard to more sustainable green-building choices every time they go to work, every single day. What materials we build with has a massive impact from a life cycle assessment. Around 8% of the whole world's greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of cement. Steel production is responsible for about 2-3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Structural engineers are the ones who really need to understand these impacts and get engaged, if there's any chance of improving building material emission impacts in the future.”

Before working with WoodSolutions, Adam was the lead researcher for strategy four, which was using timber, of the Rethinking Cement report, produced by Beyond Zero Emissions. The aim of the report was to demonstrate strategies that could reduce emissions associated with cement to zero in 10 years. Adam explained that while he was working on the report, he became far more aware of the environmental benefits of wood products and the activities of WoodSolutions and decided that he’d like to become involved.

Today, Adam is a senior engineer with TPC Solutions (Aust.) and amongst a range of engineering activities also produces WoodSolutions Timber Talks podcasts and co-hosts the WoodSolutions Young Professionals Network, which has informal gatherings in Melbourne and Sydney, where, in Adam’s words, “Each month we catch up for a social drink, a presentation from an expert and talk about construction in general.”

Source: WoodSolutions

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