Forestry Careers & Training web portal launched

Friday 29 Mar 2019

A new web portal - - was launched in mid-March by the Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT). The portal is a comprehensive starting point for anyone interested in forestry education, training and careers, providing information and directing users to other relevant websites and sources of information.

The facility is “long overdue” according to Fraser Field, a member of the FGLT Training and Careers Committee (TCC) and forestry training manager. The TCC has overseen the development of the web portal, and will keep the site up-to-date into the future.

“It is absolutely critical that there is an authoritative source of careers and training information, that is easy to access and up-to-date,” says Fraser. “Up until now there has been a real lack of cohesiveness, with information scattered all over the place. So this portal is going to be of great value.”

The web portal contains information about the myriad of career opportunities in forestry. It covers options from practical roles in silviculture and harvesting to forest management, engineering, surveying, research, administration, human resource management, IT and others. Information is provided on some 30 types of jobs, with an outline of the work involved, salary range, and what training or education might be needed to match the particular job.

A comprehensive ‘Training’ section details the many regional and national education and training courses on offer, again covering the full range from entry level practical and academic courses through options for further training mid-career to ideas for people thinking of moving into forestry from other sectors. There are links to the various course providers’ websites and contact people.

A surprisingly large number of scholarships, awards and other assistance packages are available for education and training at every level in the industry: the portal provides a starting point to help people seek these out.

Glen Mackie, secretary of the TCC and a key contributor to the website’s design and development, says another benefit is that the portal will provide a fund of resources for school careers advisers or anyone else who needs information about forestry careers, education and training.

“We have a great collection of videos and other resources,” says Glen, “and these are going to be accessible and downloadable for people running careers and recruitment events for example. There’s also some background information on the industry, and some ‘myth-busters’, which we hope will help dispel some of the negative impressions that tend to blight attempts to recruit new entrants.” One myth that is definitely dispelled is that forestry is a low-income sector, with potential wages at all levels looking very competitive.

“We want the portal to be dynamic, used and refreshed by the education and training sectors, employers, people already working in forestry, and potential new entrants to the industry,” says Glen. “Forestry offers so many career opportunities and training pathways. Our aim is to help people find what’s right for them.”

The new resource – with details and links - should be linked to your own company, association or Wood Council web pages, can be viewed on

Source: Forest Owners Association

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