Transport company installing warehouse robots

Friday 15 Mar 2019

The Australian transport business, GTS Freight Group, has selected software company, Dematic, to provide Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in its new warehouse in Mildura, Victoria. GTS Freight Group is a privately-owned full-service logistics company based in Mildura, which operates a nation-wide fleet of over 150 prime movers and over 450 trailers.

Due to ongoing growth, the GTS Freight Group is constructing a new depot adjacent to its existing facility. This will incorporate a 10,000-square-metre warehouse, trailer parking for 60 trailers and a new corporate headquarters.

The AGVs will reportedly manage a block stacked full pallet warehouse. This system comprises two counterbalance AGVs utilising QR code navigation within block stack lanes and Dematic’s AGV Manage Warehouse Control Software (WCS) interfaced with paperless Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The AGVs have been designed to work in a specific area, receiving stock, and putting away and picking full pallets, whilst part picking is performed manually, as well as all warehouse housekeeping. The AGVs have been designed for GTS with a combination of laser guidance and QR code navigation. The QR codes can allow for more accurate navigation within high block stacked warehouses, allowing the AGVs to operate in high-density storage.

One of the key benefits of installing the AGVs in GTS’ new warehouse is to be able to perform other tasks that need attending to, including stock maintenance and data entry, at the same time that the AGVs are performing the picking tasks. The new AGVs are due to go live mid-2019.


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