Australian Paper announces partnership with SUEZ

Friday 8 Mar 2019

Australian Paper has announced a partnership with SUEZ to develop the AU$600 million Maryvale Mill Energy from Waste (EfW) project following the successful completion of its feasibility study. The AU$7.5 million study was co-funded with the Australian and Victorian governments.

Australian Paper will now partner with SUEZ, a global leader in waste management, to secure the long-term access to waste required to power the facility. Australian Paper’s study examined the technical, social, environmental, and commercial feasibility of establishing an EfW facility at Maryvale.

The 18-month study found the facility would operate at a high efficiency of 58% due to the Mill’s need for baseload steam and electricity all year round. It would also divert approximately 650,000 tonnes of residual waste from Melbourne and Gippsland landfill, saving 543,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum. Importantly, the new facility would allow the return of up to 4 Petajoules of natural gas per annum and 30 MWh per hour of electricity to Victoria’s retail energy market.

A recent economic impact study from Western Research Institute has confirmed that the EfW facility would support an average of 1,046 Victorian jobs pa during the three-year construction period and more than 900 when operational. Australian Paper and SUEZ will seek to finalise waste supply arrangements for the project by 2020. Construction of the EfW facility is planned to begin soon after with completion expected in 2024.

Source: Lesprom Network

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