An eco-friendly wooden laptop

Friday 30 Nov 2018

The Irish company, iameco (read it as I Am Eco), known for manufacturing eco-friendly computers and its accessories has recently unveiled a wooden laptop. The new iameco D4R laptop is the first genuine eco-friendly, touchscreen computer built with zero-toxic materials and is configured with high-performing machinery.

iameco team collaborated with the industry and academia comprising the Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, Taiwan’s GAIA in the Basque Country and AUO Optronics and the University of Limerick in Ireland to build the eco-friendly computer.

While developing the new laptop, the design team of the company kept in mind the following goals – “achieve a decrease of at least 30% in Greenhouse Gas emissions; at least 70% of overall re-use and recycling of waste; and a reduction of at least 75% of fresh water utilization.”

The team achieved all these goals through “lifetime extension strategies.” It utilizes “recycled wood for the casing, recycled paper and cardboard for packaging and reusable electronic components such as motherboards, cables, RAM modules and power supplies.”

The iameco laptops are encased in boxes made of natural timber including maple, beech and ash. Further, the company claims that these wooden computers will last three times longer than the traditional setup, counting up to ten years. It added that as the wood gets mature, its appearance will also refine with the age.

iameco created a modular design for the wooden laptop so that over the course time if any of the components wears out, it can be replaced. The re-usability factor infused into the laptop will eventually reduce e-waste which is a raving issue of the 21st century.

In addition, the company eliminated all toxic materials used in the usual computer production process like heavy metals including lead, mercury and cadmium and harmful chemicals like brominated flame retardants and PVCs. The iameco laptop utilizes one-third energy than the standard computer design, though featuring similar high-performance capacities. More>>.


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