XLam changes in senior management

Friday 19 Oct 2018

In light of the major project and partnership opportunities emerging in the sector and the increasing multinational demand for the company’s products and services, the XLam board has undertaken an extensive review of their current operations and structure. The current factors driving the board’s decision are market development and sales conversion in New Zealand and Australia, and the need to future-proof the business for growth.

His expertise and industry relationships make Gary Caulfield the point person to specialise in the rapidly expanding project part of the business, and to free up his time away from day-to-day plant management Gary is taking up the newly created role of General Manager XLam Projects. Gary will focus 100% on existing projects and on the opportunities for service and collaboration on public and private projects that are currently in the planning stage and for which XLam is optimally positioned.

Stepping into the CEO role (effective 1st October 2018) is Shane Robertson, whose years of service with Hyne have honed his leadership skills and given him extensive experience in manufacturing and finance – making him ideally qualified to lead the next growth phase of the business, which will include significant expansion on the manufacturing side.

Gary retains overall responsibility for sales, marketing, construction and commercial functions of the company, while Shane will oversee the manufacturing, design and accounting functions. The board congratulates Shane and Gary on their roles and thanks them for their commitment to XLam and our industry.

Source: Xlam

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