2018 Forest Growers Research awards announced

Friday 19 Oct 2018

The Forest Growers Research Awards were announced on Tuesday night at a function in Tauranga. They have been awarded each year since 2011 to recognise outstanding achievements in forest growing research in New Zealand. The six major award winners for 2018 are:

Research Award for Communication and Sector Engagement
Paul Millen, Drylands Forest Initiative. See a feature on Paul’s work with dryland eucalypts in Episode 6 of Forest Call

Research Award for Innovation that Enhances Sector Value
Simeon Smaill, scientist, Scion. Simeon has spent the past five years (at least) investigating the potential of novel methods for improving the growth and vitality of radiata pine. See a feature on Simeon’s work with mycorrhiza in Episode 10 of Forest Call

Research Award for Science of International Quality
The research team comprising Jessica Kerr, Brooke O’Connor and Steve Pawson from Scion in Christchurch. Awarded for their world leading research in the Urban Battlefield Biosecurity project. See a feature on the team’s work in Episode 9 of Forest Call

Research Award for Research Participation and Implementation
Paul Adams, Technical Manager, Rayonier Matariki Forests. Paul is an active member of the technical committee for the Growing Confidence in Forestry’s Future (GCFF) research programme.

Research Award for Contribution to a Science Team
Rebecca McDougal, Molecular Forest Pathologist, Scion. Rebecca is one of a new breed of pathologists who have revolutionised how diseases are diagnosed, using new molecular techniques.

Research Award for a Young Scientist
Nurzhan Nursultanov, PhD Student, University of Canterbury Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPEC), Christchurch. Nurzhan has contributed significantly to the research programme reviewing alternatives to methyl bromide log fumigation treatment with a non-chemical approach using electrical energy.

Full details on each of the awards, recipients and background to their work can be read on the attached media release.

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