Significant funding being offered for training and research

The Wood Industry Development and Education Trust (WIDE Trust) is a charitable trust formed in 2017 to benefit the advancement of education, research and development in the forestry or wood industry sectors in New Zealand.

Since its establishment the WIDE Trust has been consulting with industry and educational providers as to the type of initiatives that could be supported and would deliver beneficial outcomes for the sector. An on-line application process has also been developed over this period and is now available for use.

New Zealand students, companies and institutions pursuing education or development initiatives in the forestry or wood industry sectors are invited to apply for a grant from the Trust. The Trust anticipates providing support totalling NZ$600,000 annually on an on-going basis.

Funding for tertiary, post-graduate or vocational studies along with research, training or development is available. Further information regarding eligibility for grants is provided on the Trust’s website,

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