Future directions for Forestry Corporation NSW MapApp

Forestry Corporation NSW (FCNSW) is exploring the possibility of commercialising its highly successful iOS-based MapApp mapping application. The MapApp:

- Collects, displays and shares spatial information for field-based activities including ecology surveys; forest, land and fire planning and management; audit and compliance; roading; and many more
- Is readily customisable with multiple modules
- Works offline and seamlessly integrates with corporate ESRI GIS spatial data
- Has been widely tested, used and accepted across FCNSW and contractor workforces
- Is intuitive and straightforward to use and only requires 2-hour training (even for non-expert users)

As a result of interest from other areas, Mike Sutton, FCNSW’s Manager, Forest Information and Planning, is undertaking a scoping project to determine the feasibility of developing a commercial version of the MapApp.

Mike is interested in hearing from enterprise-level forest and land managers who may be interested in the MapApp and who:

- Have more than 150 field staff
- Use ESRI GIS and ArcServer
- Require a simple, customisable way to collect, share and manage field-based spatial information.

For those interested please contact mapapp@fcnsw.com.au. Mike will also be presenting on the iOS-based MapApp mapping application at ForestTECH 2018 in Melbourne on 20-21 November.

Full details of the ForestTECH 2018 programme can be found on the event website, www.foresttech.events.

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