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Friday 26 Oct 2018

The latest issues of and have just been sent out to an ever-increasing readership across Australasia. Both communication platforms have arisen directly from industry requests and suggestions. To build on the regular technology events being run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association in Australia and New Zealand, feedback from those attending has been clear. Let’s set up a more regular platform to communicate amongst ourselves. Aside from getting together at the annual tech events, opportunities for more regular communication throughout the year are rare.

Both newsletters have been going for a while now. Both have already built up a very large community of readers in both parts of the industry. They’re now providing the very latest updates on breaking news, research results, information on new products, equipment, tools and innovations, reports and links for each particular industry. They are at this stage monthly.

As the names suggest, is subscribed to (it’s free) by sawmilling, wood manufacturing and wood products companies across Australasia. The second, is aimed at resource managers, remote sensing, GIS and forest mapping specialists and inventory foresters.

Links to both of the latest issues of and can be read here.

If not already receiving – and you’d like to be added to the list – you can sign up directly on each of the links above. Of course, any contributions, comments or suggestions for each will be welcomed. They’re yours to use.

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