Construction solutions in technology, not concessions

As the New Zealand Government lent a sympathetic ear to construction industry financial woes last week, it’s a misconception that these outcomes somehow rest completely with their customers. Leaders of these ailing companies should take responsibility for their poor performance. Part of this is a failure to embrace change in building technologies to mitigate risk.

As Naylor Love CEO, Rick Herd, told a construction conference last week, companies need to manage risk allocation more effectively. “If a client wants unbalanced risk, that client is one you can’t afford,” he said.

What Herd didn't say is what industry leaders like his are doing. Naylor Love’s project teams have embraced new technology bringing certainty to both client and builder: building information modelling (BIM) in concert with new mass timber components like cross-laminated timber (CLT) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL).

Naylor Love and other learning and earning companies in this space have, for some time, been quietly building technical and management capabilities in the application and deployment of high tech specification for their projects. BIM brings early and detailed information to multi-disciplinary construction. BIM combines exceptionally well with improved information and communication at the earliest stages of project.

The combined systems and products break the design-bid-build paradigm by introducing detailed 3D drawings to every possible specification and location of the full components of new engineered wood buildings. The precision and productivity also come from early engagement of sub-contractors and tradespeople who can then remove unnecessary contingencies from their tenders.

Why? Because they know the details from the outset as the wood components are fully detailed once the design is complete and ready for off-site manufacture. For construction project teams it’s summed up in two words: BIM and WOOD. For developers, just three words: This saves money.

Those interested in learning more about these solutions have the opportunity to register for the “Changing Perceptions” Conference which is running next week, on 28 August at the Distinction Hotel in Rotorua, New Zealand. It includes an evening reception on 27 August.

Full details and late registrations can still be made on

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