New podcast WoodChat launched

Friday 10 Aug 2018

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is excited to announce the launch of its inaugural podcast series, WoodChat. Each episode in the six-part pilot series will include an in-depth conversation with experts on a different industry-related news story, discovery or innovation. Topics include biophilia, climate impact, genomics, drones and much more.

During the first episode of the series the hosts spoke to Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer of the University of Canberra about biophilia – the principle that exposure to nature increases human wellbeing and the positive effects of wood indoors. It comes off the back of world-first research (the report can be downloaded from the WoodSolutions website) that demonstrates a strong association between wood in the workplace and increased worker satisfaction and wellbeing.

Eileen Newbury, National Marketing and Communications Manager, said the organisation is always looking to explore new ways of communicating industry news and information. “There is so much great work happening right here in Australia which is not only of significance to people working in the forest and wood products industry, but also to the wider public,” said Ms. Newbury.

“Podcasting is a growing medium, which we have been keen to embrace. There are some fascinating topics, which we’re looking forward to presenting to our audience in an exciting and engaging new way.”

You can listen to WoodChat on SoundCloud.

Stay tuned… the second episode will feature CSIRO Research Scientist, Dr Patrick Mitchell, discussing a new tool which aims to predict forestry climate impacts with the click of a mouse. The tool is designed to increase the industry’s awareness of climate and, ultimately, to manage risk and improve productivity.

Source: FWPA

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