New Growing our Safety Culture initiative launched

Friday 10 Aug 2018

Fiona Ewing, National Safety Director with the Forest Industry Safety Council in New Zealand says she is very pleased to be launching Safetree's new Growing our Safety Culture programme. This programme helps businesses build a workplace culture that supports successful work and good health and safety outcomes.

The programme can be used with crews to improve attitudes and practices. It helps build stronger relationships within the crew by improving things like communication, engagement and reporting. These are all areas that have been identified by crews as crucial to having a good day at work.

Importantly, this programme can also be used by forest owners and managers to help them understand how their behaviour might be supporting or hindering safety onsite.

The Growing our Safety Culture programme builds on the Safety Culture tree initiative created some years ago by a partnership of government and industry. The original concepts have been updated and packaged into a programme that provides support to put them into practice.

The programme has also been tested with several forestry operators to ensure it is fit for purpose. I'm pleased to say that feedback from this testing has been very positive. In fact, one company, Timberlands, found the programme so effective it has decided to run it with all its teams - including the board of directors.

I would encourage everyone working in forestry to think about how they can improve the culture in their teams and supply chains. Take a look at some of the resources from the programme and use them to ‘take a pulse check’ of your safety culture. If you find them useful, you can get in touch with us to find out more about doing the programme.

A large number of forest contractors and forestry managers from across the country learnt more about the programme from one of the people who helped create it, safety culture expert Dr Hillary Bennett. She spoke at the free workshops Safetree ran in Rotorua on Thursday of this week as part of the larger Forest Industry Safety & Technology 2018 event run by the Forest Industry Engineering Association.

See the Growing our Safety Culture programme resources.

See more about the programme.

Source: FISC

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