New bandsaw equipment available in Australasia

Checkmate Precision Cutting Tools Ltd have just announced their association with the Kohlbacher range of Bandsaw Equipment out of Germany for local sawmills. With the recent changes in the market for Bandsaw Equipment, the Kohlbacher range provides a new line of well proven sawshop equipment for servicing bandsaws.

Kohlbacher has been operating for over 25 years and has served primarily the European market; however, over the last 10 years Kohlbacher sales have stretched across to the U.S/Canada. Kohlbacher have a range of full flood CNC equipment, along with Cam driven models for the smaller Bandsaw Range.

Siegfried Kohlbacher owner/director of Kohlbacher has spent his life in engineering and development of Sawshop Machinery and after working for other companies he moved and started planning and building his own machines for sharpening and producing band saws. He has extended his manufacturing and there is continued R & D development evolving into their range also.

For further information on the new range you can check out the recent story posted on the local sawmilling and wood manufacturing website.

You can also contact Checkmate or visit the Kohlbacher website.

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