Major Forest Safety events running in August

Forest Industry Engineering Association Conferences will highlight forest safety progress. The forest industry is rapidly changing from a safety perspective. The big changes are coming from within. It’s the leading people whose attitudes have shifted logging crew cultures. The two key drivers of this quiet safety and productivity revolution are personal safety culture attitudes and technology.

On one hand there have been tireless efforts from the major forest management companies and their leading logging contractors to find the best people who have a reputation for bringing positive and lasting change.

On the other hand, recent advances in technology have helped get the hand’s off chainsaws and men off the hills for harvesting. Remote control technologies and tele-operation of logging machines is advancing faster than ever.

In August FIEA’s Forest Safety Conference series will run as a combined conference and partnered workshops in both Rotorua and Melbourne. We are grateful to our industry leaders who responded quickly to our calls for speakers. So, we now have two comprehensive one-day conference programmes that are tailored to each industry, says conference director, John Stulen.

In Rotorua FIEA has partnered with FISC for a half-day workshop running after the FIEA one-day safety conference. This FIEA conference has an icebreaker session on 7 August at Rotorua’s Distinction Hotel.

In Melbourne FIEA is working with 3 groups. The WHS workshop for Australian contractors & forest managers will run as a half-day workshop, on 14 August, the day before the FIEA one-day safety conference running on 15 August at Bayview Eden. See for further information and conference and workshop details.

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