Mobilising your forestry operations

In just 10 years the ‘smartphone’ has become an essential part of our working and personal lives. We hear and see a lot of hype about the ‘next big thing’ in mobile devices, however, in reality, all we seem to get are incremental upgrades and new form factors.

Randall Cameron, Managing Director for Mobile Mentor will be providing an insight into work being done with local forestry companies using mobility to effectively switch from paper-based log docketing at the upcoming WoodFlow 2018 tech series being run for local forestry companies, contractors, planners and wood transport companies, in Melbourne on 20-21 June and then again in Rotorua on 26-27 June.

As a teaser, you can also join Randall at a forestry focused webinar the company has set up to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist in mobilising your forest operations. The presenter, Randall Cameron, will be providing an educational and entertaining look into the mobile innovations that are in place today within the Forest Industry.

It’s being run on Wednesday 30 May at 12.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Click here for the Webinar Landing Page.

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