360 degrees SAFE for Forestry Corporation of NSW

Safety in any industry is important and the forest and timber industry is one where focus and commitment to safety is essential to ensuring your workforce – be they in the forest, on the roads or in a mill – stays safe at work and returns to their family at the end of every day.

Forestry Corporation of NSW is proud to be working on a renewed commitment to safety. Forestry Corporation CEO Nick Roberts said that last year we asked staff and contractors to consider ‘What’s safe…’ “The feedback and ideas generated from all quarters fed into a new Safety Strategy for Forestry Corporation.” To help garner focus on safety we developed the concept of 360 degrees SAFE.

“360 degrees SAFE means we make safety the most important part of everything we do. It means we consider all the hazards around us before starting work. It means we take responsibility for our safety and set the standard for our colleagues, our teams, our customers and the industry. It means ensuring every one of us gets home safely to our family every day.”

“360 degrees SAFE is a complete safety picture and in my mind answers the question we asked at the start – What’s Safe? …….. 360 degrees SAFE”

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