New reports released this week on NZ’s ETS

The Ministry for the Environment (MfE) released two reports this week on the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) market, as well as some new information on the scheme and on NZ’s emissions.


The two reports we released are:

- Provision of information to the NZ ETS – analyses the current information provision in the NZ ETS and offers recommendations on what, how and when information needs to be provided to the market to improve its efficiency.

- Market Governance of the Emissions Trading Scheme: Options and Analysis – explores options for market oversight of the NZ ETS. It addresses whether there is a need for regulation of the market in a similar way to regulation of financial markets, to address potential or actual problems.

MfE will be using the information from the reports for their work on NZ ETS market information and governance and will provide advice to Ministers in mid-2018. Consultation with stakeholders will follow in the second half of 2018.

New NZ ETS and emissions information is now available

The Ministry for Primary Industries have started publishing information on the processing of Mandatory Emissions Returns (MERs) for post-1989 forestry participants. These statistics will help market participants better understand New Zealand Unit supply in the NZ ETS. This information will be updated fortnightly and can be found here.

MfE has recently updated New Zealand’s emission projections. Please see New Zealand’s national greenhouse gas inventory 1990-2016 was released this week. The inventory is the official annual estimate of all human-generated greenhouse gas emissions and removals in New Zealand. Following this, there has also been an update to New Zealand’s net position, which tracks progress towards our unconditional 2020 emissions reduction target.

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Source: MfE

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