Australian log haulage COP update

To support the development of an Australian national code of practice specifically for log haulage EY have completed the risk assessment consultation phase of their project. Three workshops were delivered over late November and early December, with over 70 people attending. There was a healthy representation from forestry contracting businesses, land owners and consigners, and trailer manufacturers. Each workshop was also attended by Aaron Moeller from the NHVR and Peter Elliot from the Australian Logistics Council who spoke about changes to the NHVL and the development of a Master Code of Practice (MCoP).

The objectives of the workshops were to get industry involvement in the identification of critical risks associated with log haulage and collect information and data about controls and better practice. The information and insights collated is to inform EY’s report to AFCA that will then be used to build the Forestry Log Haulage Code of Practice (FLHCoP). Outcomes of the workshop, including the risks for inclusion and exclusion, were circulated for comment via the Steering Committee and Working Group, and to broader industry via AFCA’s website, with stakeholders invited to provide feedback.

EY also reached out to organisations for additional data and information regarding risk events. The data was collated and analysed to provide additional insight into the different types of incident events, as well as their frequency and severity. Analysis was presented back to the Steering Committee and Working Group for final comment. To read more and view the outcomes of the consultation and summary of the keys risks identified for log haulage click here.

If you have any comments on the FLHRCoP please provide it via email to Stacey will also be providing an update on the code of practice at this year’s Woodflow 2018 series ( set up for forestry companies, harvesting and haulage contractors and planners. In Australia, the two-yearly tech update is scheduled to run in Melbourne on 20-21 June.

Source: AFCA

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