The Loggers premiered this week

The kiwi version of Ax Men, the popular American reality television series that’s been going since 2008 premiered this week in New Zealand on Prime TV. The promotions around the new show which can be seen on Prime TV on Wednesday evenings (8.30pm) says;

“Go deep into the forest in this 10-part local series and meet the Newtons, a family who have logging in their blood. Three generations have worked tirelessly in the bush, and now the Rotorua-based family business is doing better than ever!

Rain or shine, the five Newton Logging crews work side by side every day, in one of the most dangerous industries in New Zealand. The work is intense, and the deadlines can’t be missed in this multi-million dollar business, but the gang are committed to the forest, and greet every day with humour and enthusiasm.

For more information on the show, visit:

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