Funeral details for Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon passed away in Australia on 1 February. His funeral service will be held at the Trafalgar Bowls Club, 7 Miles Road, Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia at 3:30pm on Monday, 5 February.

For the past 6 years Shane had worked as the cable logging & H&S manager for Daryl Hutton at ANC Forestry in Victoria. He was well-known throughout the forest industry as many people came in contact with him when he worked in environmental management at LIRO back in 1990’s. He did ground breaking research developing tools for measuring site and soil disturbance.

In Putaruru, NZ, he did work beyond the forest industry as a consultant in his own right. Never one to blow his own trumpet, he was universally well-known and highly regarded for his work ethic, brilliant insight and clarity of thought in tackling industry challenges, especially technical ones.

When Shane moved into cable harvest planning he earned a reputation as a leader in this field as well. For many years he led the technical reviews for the industry-wide yarder tower inspector scheme. He authored many best practice guides, technical studies and research reports that were regarded as industry standard reference documents for years.

He was also a keen sportsman, cyclist and outdoorsman. On behalf of everyone in the Australian and New Zealand forest industries our condolences go out to his wife, Raewyn and their two sons.

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