VicForests seeks community input

VicForests is seeking input from local community members on the proposed updates to its Timber Release Plan (TRP), relating to timber harvesting operations. The TRP is part of an ongoing planning process that begins once an area of State forest is identified as suitable for timber harvesting, and continues until the area has been harvested and successfully regrown.

The TRP lists the areas available for timber harvesting over the next 3-5 years, their locations, the type of forest within and the method of harvesting that would be used in each one. VicForests also regrow all harvested areas with the same type of forest that was originally there. VicForests’ General Manager Stakeholders and Planning, Lachlan Spencer said that the TRP is updated every year. “Each year we remove areas that have successfully regrown or have been excluded, change the status of areas moving into the growing stage, and add areas previously identified as available for timber harvesting,” Mr Spencer said. The 2017 consultation period will be open from Monday 4 December 2017 to 12 January 2017. A schedule of proposed timber harvesting areas, maps indicating approximate locations and a feedback form for public comment are available at

Submissions can also be provided via email to or made in writing to: VicForests, GPO Box 191, Melbourne, 3001 during the specified feedback period.

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