New WoodTECH platform launched for wood producers

Together with industry, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) is going to be communicating much more regularly with sawmilling, wood manufacturing and timber preservation companies along with key suppliers to this part of the sector.

Who is the new service aimed at? The plan at this stage is to include site managers, production and engineering staff, green-mill and dry-mill managers, saw-doctors, those involved in mill maintenance, kiln drying, timber machining, finger-jointing, wood finishing, timber treatment …. Anyone really that’s involved in wood products in Australasia.

Why is it being set it up? Many of the industry networks such as the saw-doctor’s groupings that worked so well in the past in both Australia and New Zealand no longer exist. WoodTECH delegates and those involved over the years with events run by FIEA have suggested a platform for more regular communication and networking amongst themselves really needs to be set up. WoodTECH delegates in September suggested that the website ( used for the latest sawmilling series in September this year is the logical tool or vehicle to make this happen.

What will it include? The plan is not to cover the many excellent services currently being supplied by existing industry associations. Instead a platform is being set up that can be actively used by those working within the industry. It will be used during the year rather than meeting in and around the wood processing, manufacturing and timber treatment tech events that are being run by FIEA.

As well as annual technology gatherings, the WoodTECH website will be used to provide the very latest updates on breaking news, research results, reports, troubleshooting tips, practical guidelines to improve operating efficiencies, information on new technology and links for those involved in processing, manufacturing or treating wood in Australasia.

What now? Already a comprehensive listing of those actively involved in wood processing events in the past have been contacted. The plan is to send out regular updates during the year. The first issue highlighting the new service along with links to a number of stories and resources was sent out last week.

Contributions, recommendations, leads and advice on what you’d like added will certainly be welcomed. If you’d like to be kept in the loop and would like to subscribe to the news newsletter and updates (it’s FREE), click here.

Note: A similar service has been operating very successfully now for close on a year for this regions resource managers, inventory foresters, remote sensing and GIS specialists along with suppliers to this part of the forestry sector through

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