New industry video to counter anti-forestry claims

A few months ago, in Australia, Juice Media, with some financial support from the NSW National Parks Association, released an “Honest Australien Government” Advertisement. It was pitched at the declining koala population and the Regional Forest Agreements are being targetted for the declining koala populations. To go with the vide, a campaign or petition has been set up to stop the Regional Forest Agreements,

The National Parks Association of NSW’s goal is to put an end to industrial logging of public forests. According to their website, "There is a frenzy of forest destruction happening right now in Australia. On both public and private land, land is being cleared and forests degraded faster than any other developed country. This is killing our wildlife, pushing species towards extinction and driving climate change. And for this we have the privilege of spending millions of dollars in subsidies. If we want a future where our kids and grandkids get the chance to see koalas in the wild, and have a climate that supports human life and food production we have to act now!"

Step up to the plate the South-East Timber Association (SETA). The SETA management committee decided that it was high time to present a different perspective on issues that are impacting on koala populations and to highlight some of the deficiencies and misleading information being used by environmental charities to raise funds for their campaigns.

So, “are you one of those latte sippers, who make up for shifting Moore & Moore of your consumption offshore, by making monthly donations to your favourite environmental charity? You think you are making a difference? You are, but it may not be the difference you were expecting.

The video was posted onto Youtube on 27 October. Check it out below.

*The South-East Timber Association (SETA) was formed in 1988 to represent the interests of people working in harvesting operations in native forests and plantations, on public and private land, in South East NSW and East Gippsland.

SETA members are strongly committed to ensuring public forests are available for a range of commercial and recreational activities and expect land management practices will maintain environmental values in the long term.

SETA expects the government to commit to ensuring forest and related policies strike an appropriate balance between social, environmental and economic outcomes, while minimising adverse impacts of policy changes on regional communities.

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