Machine learning in manufacturing optimisation

Materialize.X, a UK based company has just launched two new products that they think will revolutionize the US$300 billion-a-year engineered wood market. The start-up has created a patented non-toxic adhesive to serve as an alternative to urea-formaldehyde.

Materialize.X plans to license to chemical companies, or engineered-wood manufacturers so they can make the adhesive on site. Materialize.X is also providing engineered-wood factories with software that uses machine learning to optimize how their adhesive is used in the production process.

For example, there’s a standard formula for creating engineered wood — you take wood chips, add adhesive and press them together until they are bonded into the shape you want. But this standard formula doesn’t always produce the best results. That’s because it doesn’t account for variables that can change from day to day, like type of wood, temperature/humidity in the factory and even when the machines were cleaned last.

So, Materialize.X has created software that uses machine learning to take in all those variables and make slight changes to the manufacturing process that can greatly improve the quality of the final product. Examples of these changes are adjusting the amount of adhesive used or increasing the pressure in the bonding process depending on the variables listed above.

Source: Tech Crunch,

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