Converting carbon emissions into 'green' concrete

Friday 20 Oct 2017

An Australian pilot project capturing carbon emissions and storing them in building materials aims to have a full-scale production plant by 2020. Mineral Carbonation International, an Australian company developing carbon-utilisation technology has officially launched its technology and research program at the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources.

The launch included a demonstration of the hour-long process bonding CO2 - stored in large cylinders at one end of the warehouse - with crushed serpentinite from the nearby Orica Kooragang Island operation, permanently converting it into solid carbonates.

“This mimics but greatly speeds up the natural weathering by rainfall which produces common types of rocks over millions of years,” MCI said. “These carbonates and silica by-products have the potential to be used in building products such as concrete and plasterboard to create green construction materials.”

By 2020 MCI hopes to be producing 20,000 to 50,000 tonnes of the bonded material for building companies, and said it anticipates the process will be economically viable even without a high carbon price.

“There is a big demand among consumers for green building products,” said Marcus Dawe, chief executive of MCI. The interest around the carbon brick has been extraordinary, but we’re going beyond that.” Read more.


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