Streamlined Building set to grow NZ's CLT supply

Since veteran property investor Bob Jones announced his intention to build a high- rise office building in Wellington using engineered wood, the spotlight in industry has been on this new form of construction. Coincidentally, at a national wood building event in Rotorua a couple of week's ago, a major Australian building company announced its intention to grow New Zealand’s capacity to build more wood office towers and residential units.

Speaking at the Innovatek "Changing Perceptions" Conference, Strongbuild's business development manager Shane Strong, announced that they are launching a new business entity called Streamlined Building Solutions which will be a supplier of engineered timber products into the New Zealand marketplace.

“Streamlined Building Solutions will be a full service engineered timber resource centre that will be able to address the supply concerns of many NZ builders,” said Mr Strong. “We are offering a full suite of services from design, drafting and detailing to installation, compliance and certification,” he added.

Streamlined Building Solutions is an alliance between two like-minded companies , Strongbuild and Binderholz, dedicated to inspiring a positive, healthy change in the building industry. Binderholz is the leading European manufacturer of Engineered Timber products with a history spanning more than 60 years. Binderholz currently produce over 250,000m3 of CLT per year. Strongbuild is Australia’s leading innovator in the Timber Revolution, with extensive hands on local experience in CLT design, drafting, offsite manufacturing, compliance, certification and construction. Streamlined Building Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Binderholz Engineered Timber Product (CLT and glulam) in Australia and New Zealand.”

Innovatek director John Stulen says, “Right now our local market will welcome this new supply capacity for engineered wood panels and multi-residential housing capacity. With more office buildings like the one Bob Jones is planning set to go ahead, Strongbuild’s arrival here is good news for the market in Auckland and the regions.”

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