Reconciling actual and predicted forest yields

Friday 7 Oct 2016

At recent ForestTECH events, presentations have been given on the plot imputation method for forest yield analysis that uses a combination of field inventory plots and LiDAR metrics to predict recoverable volume by log grade. ForestTECH 2016 in mid-November will be showcasing a number of major forestry companies that have trialled and rolled out this inventory system and have been reconciling actual and predicted yields through harvester and weighbridge data.

In New Zealand, Juken New Zealand Ltd (JNL) contracted Interpine in 2015 to undertake an inventory of a 3,000 ha forest in the Wairarapa using the plot imputation method. Several stands in this forest had already had a traditional Pre-Harvest Inventory as well.

Clearfell harvesting in this forest has now commenced and Sean McBride from JNL will be presenting in Rotorua some early results on post-harvest reconciliations between actual and predicted yields from both the traditional PHI and plot imputation methods. The presentation will focus on the practical implementation of plot imputation including economic analysis and will also outline JNL’s future plans for LiDAR within their estate.

Operational results from Forestry Corporation NSW, OneFortyOne Plantations, Timberlands Pacific as well as recent research results from the University of Tasmania will also be integrated into this year’s technology event being run for the region’s resource managers and forest inventory and GIS specialists. Full details on the programmes for both venues can be found on the event website,

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