Queensland Company focuses on wearable heads-up display

A south-east Queensland IT company, founded by two men in their early 20s, has got its eye on breaking into the international world of wearable heads-up display technology. Start-up company Buckham and Duffy is one of a handful of Australian businesses Google has approved to develop its latest "Glass" display technology.

The company was chosen in January after Google announced it would stop producing the Google Glass prototype but remained committed to its development. Google Glass looks like a pair of glasses but is a cutting-edge wearable device, which projects images on to the eye to create a "heads-up display".

Buckham and Duffy director Jordan Duffy, 20, said his company got the Google gig because of its focus on innovation and glowing references from its blue-chip clients. Buckham and Duffy. which began as a fledgling two-man outfit in Redland City east of Brisbane, will develop Google Glass concepts in Australia as part of the "Glass at Work" program.

"We can overlay a huge range of data in the user's view using glass," Mr Duffy said. Victoria Point's Jordan Duffy is breaking into the Google Glass sector. "This could include patient health data for doctors and nurses or GPS data for surveyors.

"We can see this product increasing public safety, efficiency for organisations, with key areas of focus for us in agriculture, healthcare, security and education. "We are only at the beginning of a digital revolution," he said.

The young entrepreneur will be providing the after-dinner presentation as part of the upcoming MobileTECH 2015 series running for the country’s primary industries on 21-22 April at the Gold Coast. Full details and late registrations to this eye-opening technology series can be made on the event website, www.mobiletech.events

Source: Western Advocate

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