ForestBucker web service for harvesting contractors

Managing Director Steve Smit, an electronic engineer of the company ELECTRONICS123 has developed a new website product called ForestBucker Web Service for Harvesting Contractors. The Web Service is provided with a unique internet address, to every client. All stakeholders with valid access like harvesting contractors, forestry managers and forest owners can securely connect from any location in the world to the new service. The service provides data hosting, storage and a reporting interface for displaying and analysing the data from processing equipment at the harvesting site.

It’s a real-time reporting tool for contractors to monitor production at harvesting sites and inform managers and operators on parameters such as utilization, productivity, operational status and downtime causes. In the convenience of the forest owner’s home with his laptop he will see in real-time how the volume and value of all the different log grades accumulates at the skid-site. Harvesting operators will be able to retire their paper based systems when using the system.

All production data, in detail, is automatically recorded in the database and synchronized to the Web Service for real-time reporting. The Woodsman processing head used in logging operations is the first processing head that can interface directly to the Web Service software. Production data from other processing systems can be uploaded to the Web Service in StanForD (Standard for Forest machine Data and Communication) format. The StanForD system is the industry standard protocol designed to work with logging equipment and machinery.

Cutting instructions can be saved as APT files. The APT files can then be loaded in the on-board computer systems of forest harvesters. The Web Service integrated with a Woodsman processer is currently been used successfully in production at Pan Pac Forest Products Limited and is now being made available throughout the rest of New Zealand. The Web Service accommodates large-scale forest harvesting operations.

You can read more about this product in the March 2015 NZ LOGGER magazine or visit

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