Logging & trucking specialist visitor from the USA

Friday 9 Aug 2013

The Forest Engineering programme at the NZ School of Forestry will be hosting Professor Tom Gallagher for the two months September and October. Prof Gallagher is based at Auburn University in Alabama and has worked extensively with the highly mechanised logging workforce in south eastern USA to address issues of productivity and safety. He has also been involved with a number of studies regarding trucking configurations and efficiency – noting that some of the biggest gains made relates to truck design and their tare weight.

We are really looking forward to Tom sharing his expertise with the students here at the University of Canterbury, says Rien Visser, Director of Studies for Forest Engineering. Tom is very motivate to learn and share experiences with the NZ industry on issues such as safety and transportation. We certainly hope to have Tom get out and about, so if anyone would like to host him for a day while he is here please contact Rien at rien.visser@canterbury.ac.nz.
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