Know what you’ll cut before you cut!

Friday 9 Aug 2013

Since 2012, the high speed in-line CT scanner produced by Microtec has been able to look inside a log and recognise the quality of the final products before log breakdown. Currently, three CT scanners are operating at 120 metres per minute and are working in Europe and North and South America.

Microtec states, amongst other benefits that the CT.LOG will allow:
- complete log and stem description in real-time
- digital reconstruction (dimension and quality) of the timber log and virtual cutting
- identification of the cutting pattern with the highest value
- sorting based on quality, value and optimised cutting-pattern

Compared to other technologies, CT.LOG enables the saw miller to; detect large splits inside the log, detect knots, the size of knots and location of the defects, detect pith and the core inside the log (this gives the advantage that the core can be cut out dynamically from log to log), set quality rules that will consider the above information in the optimisation of the products and allow curve sawing solutions to be found based around the low core wood zone.

“This ground breaking innovation is, indeed, a game changer”, says Federico Giudiceandrea, CEO of Microtec during an interview. “We are sure that the woodworking industry will refer to “before” and “after” CT. In about 10 years’ time, every log will be scanned with computer tomography.”

At WoodEXPO 2013 in both Australia and New Zealand, Norbert Oberaigner, Senior Project & Sales Manager from MiCROTEC will be presenting this revolutionary technology and will be available for discussions at the Acora booth at both venues.

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