Hydrogen powered muscle truck: The future's HERE!

Friday 22 Sep 2023

For all of you petrol heads out there. Hydrogen is already making itself felt with hydrogen and dual fuel (hydrogen-diesel) trucks being rolled out onto NZ roads. Check this video out supplied by one of our readers.

Mike Copeland of Arrington Performance has been around the auto industry a long time. 25 years at General Motors doing special projects Mike has gathered the connections to create the world’s first functional Hydrogen powered Chevrolet LS Swap that has passed the EPA testing!

This truck sounds and drives exactly like a conventional gasoline powered hot rod but with zero C02 emissions!

While naysayers have given hydrogen bad press, that did not deter Mike and his friends at Bosch from doing the R&D to figure out this package. Someday in the near future you will be able to convert your existing vehicle to renewable Hydrogen power! Mike explains to us how that will be possible in this video!

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