First Australian hydrogen refuelling for heavy trucks

Friday 18 Aug 2023

Industrial gas company Coregas has installed a hydrogen refuelling station for heavy trucks in Port Kembla, NSW to fuel up to 10 trucks per day. The company says it will be the first heavy vehicle hydrogen refuelling station in Australia, and is operational now for the one fuel cell truck currently operating in the area.

The station is on the Bluescope Steel corner of the port and is available for Coregas’ future fuel cell vehicles to fill up and any company which signs up to be a partner. The AU$2 million refuelling station was partly funded with a AU$500,000 grant from the New South Wales government.

“Locating H2Station alongside Coregas’ existing hydrogen production plant and transport hub for bulk hydrogen in Port Kembla created operational and cost efficiencies,” Coregas executive general manager Alan Watkins said in a statement. The H2Station will allow hydrogen trucks to access the majority of the Illawarra-Shoalhaven region and reach metropolitan Sydney.”

Part of the goal is to use the company’s own gas to fuel its truck fleet, which collectively travels 6 million kilometres each year, Watkins says. The company will start to switch its fleet from diesel to Hyzon Motors trucks this year, for which it has an order in for two.

Grey hydrogen

The hydrogen in the station is currently ‘grey’, meaning it’s made from fossil gases, and greened-up using biomethane offsets, when these become available. Grey hydrogen can reduce truck and bus emissions by 15 per cent to 33 per cent compared to diesel, according to a white paper by the International Council on Clean Transportation this year.

The company says that from the second half of 2023, bio-methane will be captured from wastewater treatment plants, landfill, and agriculture to produce green hydrogen which will be used in the station. Gas from the existing Coregas plant is compressed up to 500bar, enabling supply into the 350bar fuel cells in a 15-20-minute time frame.


Source: thedriven

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