Successful testing for truck platooning project

Friday 18 Aug 2023

FPInnovations has announced the completion of the baseline phase for its truck platooning tests. The truck platooning project aims to accelerate the adoption of the off-highway, automated vehicle technology to support the sustainable development of Northern communities and to address the critical shortage of truck drivers.

The chronic lack of drivers severely compromises many forestry and mining operations in Northern Québec. In collaboration with RRAI (Robotic Research Autonomous Industries), a global leader in self-driving technology, FPInnovations is working to adapt this technology to Canada's particular conditions, such as seasonal changes and driving on off-pavement roads without wireless coverage, particularly for resource roads in continental and polar climates.

The baseline testing program, which represented the first step in achieving this goal, involved exposing RRAI’s AutoDrive autonomous software system to a variety of road and environmental conditions typically encountered in Québec forest and mining operations.

Analysis and reporting of the captured summer and winter test conditions, which allowed for identifying specific areas requiring technological improvements, were completed in March 2023. These improvements could be applied in subsequent development phases of the platooning technology.

“With this investment in FPInnovations, we can utilize new, automated vehicle technologies to help strengthen and support the sustainable development of our northern communities. The truck-platooning project will make it much safer for trucks to travel from harvesting sites to sawmills and will help revitalize many sustainable forestry operations in Northern Québec” said The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources.

Source: FPInnovations

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