Introducing the New Jobs and Skills Council

Friday 31 Mar 2023

Skills Impact is excited to be establishing a new organisation, Skills Insight, with the role of a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) for a range of industries, including forestry and timber. As one of ten JSCs announced by Brendan O'Connor, the Minister for Skills and Training, Skills Insight will be part of a national network of not-for-profit, industry-owned and led organisations across Australia designed to provide leadership in addressing national skills and training needs.

Working with our partner organisation ForestWorks, we will support the voice of industry in the Australian skills and VET system. As a JSC, Skills Insight will be working to examine all parts of the skills pipeline to analyse what is working and what is not and to describe strategies and solutions on behalf of all stakeholders. This means our scope of work will be well beyond training package projects.

It will also be highly collaborative, working with employers, unions, RTOs, other JSCs and Jobs and Skills Australia to provide strategic leadership and align efforts across industries. Drawing on its networks, Skills Insight will support industry, government and the VET sector to address system-wide barriers and add value across the economy and all education pathways.

Built on the base of Skills Impact's people and values, our drive to improve industry skills and training delivery is the same. We are excited to be able to empower industry and all stakeholders to have a say in all stages of the system, from the development of national skills standards, through to training delivery and assessment.

Skills Impact held a Skills Service Organisation contract with the Commonwealth Government from 2016-2022. A submission to move into the role of a Jobs and Skills Council, as Skills Insight, received over 200 letters of industry support as well as the support of Skills Impact's Members, the National Farmers' Federation, and ForestWorks.

A website for Skills Insight will be available in the coming months.

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Source: Skills Impact

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