FWPA launches Resilient Timber Homes Program

Friday 17 Mar 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a year of innovation for Australian houses, thanks to an exciting new FWPA-led initiative designed to support the construction of more resilient homes. The Resilient Timber Homes Program aims to work with the design and construction industries to help address the pressing need for more resilient homes, built to withstand the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters in Australia such as fires, floods and high winds.

The two-part initiative will see the creation of a comprehensive Resilient Timber Homes Design Guide and a Resilient Timber Homes Design Competition. The design guide will be developed with builders and architects in mind, to provide expert advice relating to the role timber can play in building more resilient homes.

Timber has long been a popular building material thanks to its myriad of well-known benefits but is perhaps less widely recognised than it should be as a resilient option. With this guide, builders and architects will have access to the latest timber-focused knowledge and resources to support the creation of homes that are not only beautiful, affordable, and sustainable, but are also fortified against damage as a result of natural disasters.

The competition, meanwhile, will foster the best talent in the design community by inviting entrants to create designs that not only showcase the brilliance of wood as a versatile and renewable material, but also demonstrate its ability to shine in the face of increasingly adverse weather events as our climate continues to change. Offering a sizeable prize for the ultimate winner, this competition will showcase the ability of the design community to work innovatively with timber in mind, and to conceptualise homes built to withstand the impacts of natural disasters.

FWPA will approach some of the country’s best designers and architects with an invitation to enter this competition, tapping into the WoodSolutions community, to ensure the project is a success. The initiative will be funded by some of FWPA’s partners, including key research partners FTMA and OneFortyOne. More information is available via the program’s new website.

“The Resilient Timber Homes Program is a much-needed initiative that will help create more resilient properties for Australian families that are able to withstand the sorts of natural disasters we know are likely to become more prevalent as our climate continues to change,” said Resilient Timber Homes Program Chair Kevin Peachey.

“With the help of the design guide and results of the competition, Aussie builders and architects will have access to unprecedented knowledge and resources to support them in creating homes that are beautiful, sustainable, and strong enough to survive in their environments.

“This project offers a great opportunity for the design community to showcase its talents and work together to create a better and more resilient future for Australian houses!” said Peachey.

Photo: Wood Solutions

Source: ForWood, Feb 2023, FWPA

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