ChatGPT and AI will disrupt these industries

Friday 3 Feb 2023

ChatGPT is the world’s most powerful AI chatbot. It offers a human-like alternative to search engines and can do everything from compile a menu to writing a TV script to explaining quantum physics.

In a local NZ newspaper last week, Universities were stressing out on how they’re going to resolve the issue of assignments or essays being produced on demand. Students can freely access this new chatbot software.

From the article, “the Otago business school dean said that ChatGPT delivered "fairly extraordinary" results when he asked it to create a 12-week course outline with a week-by-week list of lectures. After typing in what he wanted, the task, which would usually take him several hours, was completed in just three seconds. He then asked it to produce a 1500-word essay, which took slightly longer — about five seconds”.

Could it also transform the jobs of hundreds of millions of people? Find out more if interested from the two clips below.

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